Kiddy Fishing Pool

Include Delivery and SetupPrice
First 3 HoursS$148
Subsequent HourS$35/hr


How many fishes, fishing rods and net are provided?

We provide about 50 fishes and 4 nets and 4 rods for each party.

Do i get to keep the fishes?

Yes, you can keep the fishes that the kids ‘caught’. However, if you don’t want, we can also bring it back. We do need the fishing rods and net back.

Are chairs provided?

Yes, we do provide 4 kids chairs as well. If you do requires more chairs, it’s chargeable at $4/chair for the party duration.

What do i need to provide?

You don’t to provide anything as we got everything sorted out. But we do need you to provide a space near a water source so that we can fill up the half the pit with water.

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